Sometimes all you need is a drop…

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Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to live. We dive into the rushing stream of activity in the morning and come out at night exhausted, stressed and wondering how we will do it all again tomorrow. We let go of the our ability to enact change and succumb to a “reality” that life is life, stress is normal and that’s the way it is. We feel we must make a change but have no idea how because we are too busy, too old, too anything… Sometimes all it takes is a drop. It may seem insignificant or too simple at first but it takes hold and sends ripples all throughout your life. Then you begin to see anew, realize your power to create and take back your life. You are no longer controlled by the stream, you become one with it and direct it wherever you wish to go.

How Do I Help You?

Utilizing the SEAMLESS method as a framework, I help you restore balance to your life, rebuild its foundation and get you back to physical and emotional health.
I help you build up your resiliency to stress, create new coping mechanisms in case stress occurs again and unplug you from the leading stressors in your life.
I help you love yourself because that is the foundation for everything else in your life including health, relationships, awareness and understanding.
I had a Seamless session with Allen and I really loved the way how all the pieces come together. I now have a much better understanding of my stress and where it comes from and Allen also gave me a wealth of advice on how to reduce and release my stress. The best of all is that his method consists of many simple things that I can practice every day and it’s easy to stick with. Those sessions were very powerful for me and I am glad I am able to control my stress.
Anna Juhasz
During my 1:1 consultation with Allen, we were able to identify specific behaviors that are contributing to my stress levels. With specific suggestions that work for me, identified during the consultation, I am taking steps to be in the moment and do what is best for me so I can be the best ME I can be. He doesn’t promise to take away the stress (no one can do that) but he does share ways to counteract the stressors we can’t control with techniques and activities we CAN control.
Theresa Richard
SEAMLESS helped me to become more aware of my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual habits and gave me many tips to improve them. Thank you Allen, thank you SEAMLESS!
Yvonne Gonzalez-Baez

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